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Welcome Home, Baby

It’s no big secret that Jack has been super excited about coming back to China. He’s fading pretty fast this evening (Good Morning to y’all, by the way), but we were all VERY moved when we got to the hotel room and saw this:



We have big adventures planned for tomorrow. Tonight, though, we’re settling back into China. I can’t quite explain our affinity for this country, but man, it sure does feel good to be back. It definitely feels like a homecoming. Jack is over the moon and super proud to be Chinese. I’ll get into that a bit more another time, but suffice it to say he was crazy excited when we got to the airport in Beijing. He said “There are SO MANY CHINESE PEOPLE!!! I don’t see ANY Americans!” He was just beside himself that he (for once) didn’t stand out as different. I have absolutely NO doubt that this was the perfect time to bring him back here.

3 Responses to “Welcome Home, Baby”

  1. Julie Day Says:

    Hope you guys have a great trip

  2. Julie Day Says:

    Hope you guys have a great trip.

  3. Hilary D. Lawrence Says:

    AWESOME!!! Apparently the hotel knew you were coming! 😉 If Jack is allowed to keep the box the sweets came in, he can use it as a keepsake box. Have a good time!

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