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Little Sister

There’s a new movie that’s being screened in Toronto this weekend called “Little Sister”. It’s based on one of the earliest versions of the fairy tale we know as “Cinderella”, and it looks absolutely stunning (you can view the trailer here. Aside from the fact that it’s Chinese, the thing that really caught my eye is that it’s produced by Richard Bowen. He happens to be the husband of Jenny Bowen, who is the founder and CEO of Half The Sky.

I know we’ve talked an awful lot about HTS (here, via email, on Kevin’s blog, and on Jack’s blog), but I can’t emphasize enough just how indebted we are to this organization. Supposedly, if this film generates a profit, a portion of it will be used to help HTS orphanages. Since I happen to have a child in one of those orphanages, this hits especially close to home. I’m urging everybody I know to please generate some buzz for this movie. It hasn’t been picked up by a big studio yet, but if it is? Well, I can only imagine how much good can be done. If you have a Twitter account, tweet about it. If you’re on Facebook, please go “Like” it. Got a blog? Blog it. You can do all of those things, and more, from this website.

Baby Jack is currently being cared for by nannies who have been trained by Half The Sky. Because he is, he’s had one-on-one care, and this is SUCH a rarity for institutionalized children. These caregivers have been given specialized training that will minimize sensory disorders. HTS also provides long-term care for the kids who DON’T get adopted. Please take a minute and go check out their website and learn a little bit about the critical work that they do. Then? Go spread the word about “Little Sister”.

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