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Archive: April 2009

Nine Years

Nine years ago today, I married my best friend. I love you baby. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Birthday Oliver!!!

Daddy and The Monkey

I can’t believe that Oliver is a year old today. I fell instantly in love with him when Kevin brought him home, but it took Kev a little more time to come around. Clearly, he’s come around now 😉 Somewhere along the line Oliver stopped being my baby and he’s now fully Daddy’s boy. He’s a good little beagle (most of the time), and even though he’s still a puppy, he’s calming down quite a bit (at least in comparison to what he was when he first came home). There is no way we would ever trade him in, and I think he likes us okay, too!

I wouldn’t recommend the beagle for everyone; he’s a lot of work, especially now that he’s growing into his nose. But if you have a WHOLE LOT of time, patience, and love, then beagles are a great addition to your family. They LOVE people (kids especially), and are definitely pack animals.




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