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Archive: March 2009

The Coopahues Take Disney

We’ve had a whirlwind three days at Disney World, and I think it’s a hit with The Boy. Tower of Terror was his favorite today, and he got to meet Woody and Buzz! Yesterday we went to Epcot, and Soarin’ was the big hit. Friday was Magic Kingdom, and I think EVERYTHING was the fave, including Space Mountain!

I’m sure I’ll have a recap at the end of the week (tomorrow is the ginormous Lego Store), but for right now I’ll just say that we’re all having a blast!

The Boy and Balou

Extreme Sheep LED Art

This just may be the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen.

Just How Excited Am I About Our Upcoming Safari?

Excited enough to read Hemingway. There are two American authors that I simply can’t stand: Faulkner and Hemingway. Reading Faulkner is like watching paint dry, and Hemingway’s ego consistently gets in the way of his writing. It’s no secret that I think that “The Old Man and the Sea” is one of the most overrated books of the 20th century.
Our safari company has provided us with a suggested reading list for our upcoming trip, and while I’ve read a few of the books on there, I hadn’t read “Green Hills of Africa” (because, helllloooo? It’s Hemingway), but I needed something to read on the Kindle today while I got my nails done. I managed to plow through about half of it in the two hours I was getting manicured, pedicured, and waxed, and I have to say, my initial impressions hold firm. Hemingway has a HUGE ego, and so far most of the book is his obnoxious whining about almost everything (his wife’s feet hurt, the other guy shot a bigger rhino, it’s hot….blah blah blah). Once you get past that, however, there are flashes of poetry in the descriptions of landscapes and the native people of Kenya.
Because I have a hard and fast rule that once I start a book I have to finish it, I’ll slog through the second half of this one. I wish I had bought a hard copy, though; not because I think it would make an invaluable addition to my library, but because of those one or two brilliant lines I’d like to underline and revisit. Bottom line? Unless you’re a die-hard Hemingway fan or you’re planning a trip to Kenya, skip this one. Read “Out of Africa” instead.




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