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Archive: September 2008

Poor Oliver

My Dog Is An Internet Porn Star

Oliver was jingle-bobbed one week ago today, and he still hasn’t quite grasped the concept.

Color Me Shocked

Here’s a fun little quiz to help you decide who to vote for. Most of you know how conflicted I am now that Hillary is out….I really can’t stand Obama on a personal level, and I had pretty much convinced myself to vote Republican for the first time in my life. I never jumped on the Obama train….I just couldn’t. I don’t think he’s the visionary leader he’s snowed the American public into thinking he is.

Having said all of that, go take this quiz. Granted, it’s a tiny little slice of the presidential political pie, but still, it’s interesting (and it’ll only take a couple of minutes). Thanks to Rob for finding this!

Thank You, Jimmy Kimmel

Unnecessary Censorship

Never Forget




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