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I Can Haz Hugz?

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Sir Piddlesworth Humpsalot has discovered the joys of napping. What’s hilarious is that he acts just like a toddler when he gets sleepy: He’ll do anything to try to keep himself awake. He makes sure he pees exactly 4 times (in the house, of course, and with no warning, and usually within a 5 minute span), then he runs around maniacally before–literally–crashing on the floor. The boy naps on a specific schedule, too; it’s like he’s using his ears to receive regular updates from the atomic clock.

Then he requires many smooches and snorgles, all the while burrowing as close as he can get to my neck. Somebody should figure out how to bottle the feeling of puppy-snuggling. I’m pretty sure it’s more addictive than heroin.

Smalliver has an incredible amount of energy, and he needs constant supervision (mostly so the other dogs won’t eat his face off). He’s a handful, and Kevin does a really good job watching him—as long as the puppy is sleeping. 😉

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  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    What a handful. He just makes me tired. 🙂

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