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Star Wars Weekend

We headed over to Hollywood Studios today for a little geek-fest at Star Wars Weekend. Yes, we got our pictures taken with Darth Vader, and we even got an up-close sneak preview of “The Clone Wars”. Now, Star Wars is okay and all, and I liked (most of) the movies, but I’m not an all-out, die-hard, dress-up-in-hot-costumes-in-90-degree-heat super fan. But, oh boy, there sure were a lot of super fans there. I think Kevin had a really good time taking pictures of all the different characters (yes, Josh, even Boba Fett), and we both got a kick out of the obscene amount of Star Wars merchandise. I even got in on that a little, since they had special edition R2-D2s with pink accents (they’re part of a Make-A-Wish….well, wish).

We didn’t dedicate our entire day to the Nerdery, however. Even though we have annual passes, and even though we’ve lived here for QUITE a while, we had never ridden the Rock-N-Rollercoaster. Until today. HOLLA! Hands-down the best ride at any of the parks. In fact, I dragged Kevin on it twice. I want to go again right now. We skipped Toy Story Mania today, though, as we had already spent 8 hours at the park, and it was time to get home and tend to the dogs. I’m quite sure that we’ll both have pictures up before the end of the weekend, though, so you can share in our geekiness!

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