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Sad Sad Day

I’m watching CNN waiting for Hillary to officially endorse Obama. I know that Kevin is jumping for joy, but I am really sad about it. I sincerely hope I see her on the campaign trail again in 2012.

4 Responses to “Sad Sad Day”

  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    #1 – I don’t think anyone should endorse Obama, so I’m certainly not jumping for joy. (Although it is true that I am no fan of Hillary, either)

    #2 – Hillary will be 64 in 2012… will that matter to voters? Maybe.

    #3 – Are you saying that Obama won’t win in 2008, or that Hillary will contest him in 2012?

  2. Merrin Donahue Says:

    I have a feeling that Hillary will contest him in 2012, because his 4 years in office (should he get elected, and he probably will) will be a disaster.

  3. Angela Says:

    I’m really sad too. I feel like I’m stuck voting for McCain because I cannot stomach Obama. Of course the mere fact that I don’t support, or trust, Obama means I can be labeled as an ignorant racist and I guess you can throw in redneck or hillbilly since I’m originally from the South.

    Sorry I’m a little bitter.

  4. Merrin Donahue Says:

    Amen, Angela. My feelings EXACTLY.

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