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Archive: June 2008

I Can Haz Hugz?

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Sir Piddlesworth Humpsalot has discovered the joys of napping. What’s hilarious is that he acts just like a toddler when he gets sleepy: He’ll do anything to try to keep himself awake. He makes sure he pees exactly 4 times (in the house, of course, and with no warning, and usually within a 5 minute span), then he runs around maniacally before–literally–crashing on the floor. The boy naps on a specific schedule, too; it’s like he’s using his ears to receive regular updates from the atomic clock.

Then he requires many smooches and snorgles, all the while burrowing as close as he can get to my neck. Somebody should figure out how to bottle the feeling of puppy-snuggling. I’m pretty sure it’s more addictive than heroin.

Smalliver has an incredible amount of energy, and he needs constant supervision (mostly so the other dogs won’t eat his face off). He’s a handful, and Kevin does a really good job watching him—as long as the puppy is sleeping. 😉

Senor Cabeza Loco

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After spending some time getting to know our new baby, we have decided to change his name to…….

Master Oliver de Barkington von Beaglestein, or Oliver for short. It’s absolutely true that having a puppy is a lot like having a baby, as Kevin is slowly finding out. Last night after we got home from dinner, he said “C’mon, just give me a couple of minutes to unwind”. Um, yeah, no.

Oliver definitely has the same beagle-type idiosyncrasies as Rigley, right down to his routine. We’re going to enroll him in training classes next weekend, though, so hopefully we’ll be able to control some of the chewing/digging/shredding issues before they get too bad. Right now it’s just typical puppy stuff, but I don’t it to accelerate.

Sir von Beaglestein really likes to make sure he naps on schedule, so right now I’m off to admire his sweet puppy face while he sleeps.

Mr. Puppy McBeaglestein

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Introducing Mr. Puppy-face, an 8 week-old Beagle. Mr. McCrazy Dog is the newest addition to our family, and while the other dogs aren’t completely thrilled, they haven’t tried to eat him (yet) either. He’s terrified of dogs barking, and not a big fan of sleeping at night, but I suspect that will change in short order. We did manage to take a nap this morning since none of us slept last night.

He’s about 4 pounds right now, but he’ll be about Rigley’s size when all is said and done. All in all, Mr. Barkenstein is definitely going to be a handful, but we’re already in love!

An Open Letter

Dear Guy Who Used To Have Our Phone Number,

I realize that you have/had some sort of motorcycle for sale waaaaay back in 2006, which was also the last time you had our phone number. I also realize that you are a complete and total moron who is unable to figure out how to remove your classified ads from the internet, thus resulting in an obnoxious amount of wrong numbers to what is now our current phone number.

Now, way back in October of ’07 (which, by the way, was a full YEAR after your ad had been running), we got a lot of calls, and we figured, hey, they’ll drop off eventually. Ummmmm, not so much. Last month we got a call at 1:00 AM. Last night was 11:30. Then this morning at 7:00. And again just now.

So Mr. Guy With Absolutely No Brain, either you’ve already sold said rare yellow Honda motorcycle and you really are to stupid to figure out how to remove the ads (of which there are SEVERAL….all over the internet), or this bike has been for sale for damn near 2 years (and if it has, I would advise you that dude, it’s never gonna sell). Either way, you friggin’ tool, pull your ads before I go apes**t. I’m sick and tired of fielding your calls (and I don’t believe you when you say you only rode it on weekends to and from church, you derelict).



It Won’t Become A Habit

But there’s actually a Republican that I think is kinda cool (not for his political views, though, since I’m pretty sure snowballs would fly through hell before that happened). Representative John Culberson (R-TX) not only streamed live video of an interaction between him and some paparazzi straight to the internet, he also Twitters from the House floor.

Don’t worry though; I won’t be going Republican anytime soon.


For the first time in two and half weeks, I don’t have a headache. I had almost forgotten what it was like not to have one, but I’m sure glad that it’s finally gone, even if it’s just for today.

I’m A Huge Loser

And totally lame. Last night I headed to bed around 9:15, and I have a feeling that I’ll do the same tonight. Yep, I’m really that boring.

Food For Thought

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”.

Could’ve Fooled Me

Before I gave up every single thing that’s bad for me (also known as B.K.H.A. or Before Kev’s Heart Attack) I LOVED Taco Bell Nachos Supreme. Loved them with a fiery passion. I never ate a lot of fast food, but I craved these on a pretty regular basis (read: once a month). Most people know that fast food and I don’t get along—AT ALL— so I really suffered when I ate them. Still, they called to me and I came at them like a drunk monkey.

Now, I’ve been extremely well-behaved since Kev’s little episode. I’ve become a down-right Nazi when it comes to our diet; there is absolutely no junk food anywhere in our house. I haven’t eaten red meat in frickin’ WEEKS (and yes, Camille, that’s absolutely 100% true). I still have cravings, though, and I like to think I do a pretty decent job of figuring out ways we can still have what we love, just made better for us.

So tonight Kevin wanted Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which I had given a makeover two days after he got out of the hospital. Now, I’m not a buffalo chicken fan, but I was jonesing for some Taco Bell Nachos. Fifteen minutes in the kitchen and a lot of dirty spoons later (I use a new spoon every time I taste for seasonings….it’s a sickness), I had them. Delicious nachos. Sublime nachos. A perfect clone of Taco Bell Nachos Supreme. I seriously could not tell the difference (except, of course, that my chips weren’t stale or soggy, and everything was still hot when I ate them). Kevin had a taste, and I had to fight him off like a mama bear defending her cubs. I almost poked his eye out with my fork.

You would never ever know that my version is virtually fat-free (ground turkey breast vs. ground beef) You damn sure wouldn’t guess that my version had under 300 (delicious) calories and a mere 9% of your daily recommended allowance of cholesterol and a WHOPPING 40% of your RDA of fiber. The best part, though, is that I get to feel like I’m indulging.

Heard Around The House

Kevin: “What was that girl group’s name? The one where Carnie Wilson ate her sisters?”

Me:*spit take* “Bwaaaa Haaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa!”

Kev: “No, seriously! What was that song? {singing} ‘Hold on for one more OM NOM NOM!!!! Carnie hungry!’ What was the band’s name?”

Me: “I….ca….n’t…..breathe…….Owwwwwwwww….abs hurt……from laughing…..”

And then I almost passed out. Luckily, the tears have stopped now.

I HATE Nancy Grace

That is all.

WTF? Really. WTF?

A Massachusetts town is seeing a rather large spike in teenage pregnancies. Is it the water? Something in the air? Nope. Turns out it’s a pact between a bunch of Jamie Lynn Spears wannabes who’ve vowed to get pregnant and raise their babies together. The father of one of the babies is a TWENTY-FOUR year-old HOMELESS MAN.

And here I sit waiting for my referral (almost 24 months after being logged in). *facepalm*

Hungry-Girl Round-up

Yeah, I know I sound like a broken record (or, at the very least, a Hungry Girl pimp), but I really can’t sing the praises of these recipes enough. I’m slowly making my way through the cookbook, and I haven’t had anything bad yet (except the tofu shirataki noodles…I still can’t quite do those). Last night we had Turkey Taco Meatloaf, and I thought Kevin had died and gone to Heaven. A *really* good-sized portion has just 124 calories and about a half a gram of fat, which leaves plenty of wiggle room for some rice and even some dessert.

Speaking of dessert, I’ve also made the Berry Custard Crostata and the Chilly Chocolate Cheesecake Bites (OMG, are these ever good). On the books for next week is her slimmed-down version of a mint mocha Frappucino. Holla!

I’ve made a couple of quick lunches, like her fajita steak salad and the turkey club wrap, and I have about 20 more recipes marked so we can give ’em a try over the next month. So far, though, I have to say that I’m getting whole lot of use out of the book. I can’t recommend it highly enough—it really has changed my life. Now go buy it!


After a solid week of working out for two hours a day, every day, I have FINALLY managed to lose three pounds. Overnight, believe it or not. I have been counting every calorie, making sure I eat the right foods at the right times of day, and balancing my carbs with my protein. I have done *everything* right, and I’ve been so f’ing frustrated that I haven’t lost even an ounce. Until today. And our scale is digital, so it’s not like it’s out of balance. Thank you treadmill, Wii Fit, and Hungry Girl.

I just wish I’d found this in time for St. Patrick’s Day.




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