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My Favorite Commercial

When I lived in Dallas, I was used to a certain caliber of television; good news, solid local programming, and decent (even high-scale) commercials. Since moving to Orlando, I’ve been sorely disappointed in the poor quality of the news, and, yes, the commercials. The one saving grace is the “Appliance Direct” guy. Right now, he’s even giving away t-shirts that say “I love refrigerators”. If you click through to You Tube, you have a wide array of Appliance Direct commercials from which to choose. Sadly, the most current ones haven’t made it onto the site yet, so be sure to check back. Seriously, if you need a chuckle, this guy is sure to lift your spirits every time.

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  1. Rob Williams Says:

    You haven’t been here long enough, but when we got here he had his 7-year-oldish daughter in the commercials. She’d be the one to say “You paid too much!”

    Back in that day, the girl who is now on the AD commercials, was known as the “Scratch and Dent World girl” because she’d do the same style commercial for, yes, Scratch and Dent World.

    Then it was big Orlando news when the Scratch and Dent World girl joined the Appliance Direct guy.

    Orlando has a rich history, I tell you what.

  2. Kevin Donahue Says:

    The only thing worse than these commercials is the knowledge that *all* of his commercials are really this bad. He has the awful… out of place… pauses… for no reason. It’s as if the cue card guy forgets to do the card for 10+ seconds at a time.

  3. Merrin Donahue Says:

    I thought he was just trying to let his point sink in. Plus, *does* love refrigerators….

  4. sloane Says:

    That’s, um… well, he says it best, “Wakkie nu nu.”

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