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Down on The Knees of My Heart

You KNEW I’d manage to get in a Buffett reference, right? So here’s your quick update before I head to bed. Kevin had a good day today. He moved from the bed to a chair for a little while, and then back to bed. He ate his three squares, and he even managed to nap for about an hour before the nurses came in to get vitals. He’s still in ICU, but will be moved tomorrow morning as long as things still look good. He blood pressure looks great, his oxygen levels are high and steady, and his heart rate is right where it should be. He even got up and walked around a little bit tonight, although he was pretty worn out after that.

We’re both beyond exhausted, and we’re both still pretty freaked out. I suspect it may take quite a while before we settle back into anything remotely resembling “normal”, but I DO know that we’re incredibly grateful and not a little humbled. And most of all, I’m beyond happy that I get to spend our anniversary together tomorrow, even if it is in the hospital. Because at least he’s still here.

Finally, thanks to each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers. Kevin is checking his Gmail (under my SUPER strict supervision) and he’s updating Twitter when I let him use his Blackberry (which is only for about 5 minutes a day). I’m keeping him cut off from the outside world for a bit, at least until he has time to settle in at home (which should be Thursday).

As always, I’ll keep everybody updated here, and I think I’ll high-jack Kevin’s blog, too, just so we have our bases covered.

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  1. Alisha Gray Says:

    Very glad to hear good reports!! Keep us posted–but don’t stress yourself out. You need rest too. BOTH OF YOU Take care!

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