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Bottled Water Redux

Since moving to Florida, I’ve been drinking bottled water exclusively. I’ve said before that I can’t stand the chlorine smell in the tap water here. In Dallas, however, I never really had a problem drinking the tap water….Okay, not the tap water, necessarily, but the filtered water through our refrigerator.

Yesterday, CNN reported that there are trace amounts of a litany of pharmaceuticals found in tap water throughout the US. Today, they expanded on the story and reported on the extensive (and still largely incomplete) water studies…..that are being done in (among other places) North Texas and Orlando. Read about it here. The things that are happening to fish are cause for alarm; even though the amounts of these drugs are small, I still don’t want them in my body. The evidence is already there that, even in trace amounts, these contaminants are harmful to wildlife. That means there is potential harm to me.

So I’m sticking with my bottled water, thank you very much.

2 Responses to “Bottled Water Redux”

  1. Corey Says:

    I wish they’d come out with an easy, inexpensive at-home kit for testing water. I buy bottled water and have a Brita filter on the faucet in the kitchen that seems to make things taste ok. With the insane environmental regulations we have in California, I’m thinking most of the water is clean given that it is piped in from the Colorado River. Even still, I would like to do periodic tests and find out what is in my water at that particular point in time.

  2. Kevin Donahue Says:

    The best water in the world is Coors Light!

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