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The Mavericks’ Worst Mistake?

I’ll keep this brief, since Kevin already had to listen to me lament about what I think is a terrible decision for the Dallas Mavericks, but here’s a link to the Dallas Morning News article about the impending loss of Devin Harris. I’m torn up about Diop, too (not so much about Stackhouse, even though we’re getting him back). But c’mon. Devin Harris? Why ya gotta trade Devin Harris? He’s the powerhouse that kept the Mavs alive for as long as they were in the playoffs last year {sarcasm} (yeah, thanks for that, Dirk) {/sarcasm}. He’s dependable. He’s talented. And now he’s going to New Jersey. Damn it.

One Response to “The Mavericks’ Worst Mistake?”

  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    Hate to see them trading the future for a run this year, but Dirk isn’t getting younger. I’m afraid it’s “win now”.

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