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Rule #76: Play Like a Champion

We had a great time at the Mavs game tonight. Dirk was a bit of a disappointment, but I don’t think I’ve really forgiven him for last year’s playoffs. Terry and Howard were on fire, and they pretty much won the game by themselves. I’ve gotta admit that it’s hard to root against the home team, and I have to give a little hat tip to the Magic, who played a great game. Heck, they even almost caught up in the third period, but the Jet pulled us through. There were a couple of uncomfortable moments when I probably cheered a little too loud for the Mavs, and we got a couple of looks from the people sitting near us, but we did see a few #41 jerseys… It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE Mavericks fan…Even in the 90’s when they sucked I still loved them. If we can manage it, I’d like to see all of their games when they’re in town.

So. If you’re back at home, try to get to AAC to see them play. If you’re not in Dallas, tune in and watch on TV. This is one hell of a team, and even if you don’t like basketball, you won’t be disappointed. Finally, GO MAVS!!!!

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  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    So… you had a good time, right? I wasn’t sure. 🙂

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