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Guitar Hero

One of the things Kevin gave me for Christmas was Guitar Hero III for the Wii. Initially, I feared that I would never get a chance to play it, since he seemed to be enjoying it so much. However…..I now have a full-fledged Guitar Hero addiction going on. Kevin and I sometimes play together in Co-op Career mode, but he always makes me play bass, since he thinks he’s better than me. Last night, however, I came out victorious in a head-to-head full on battle. I’m seriously good at this game. And I’m getting better.

Pretty soon I’ll be shredding songs on the Expert level…But for now, I’ve beaten the game on Easy, and I’m tearing it up in Medium. If you haven’t played Guitar Hero, I highly recommend it. Anybody can play, and it really does rock (as do I).

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  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    Yeah, y’all stay tuned and I will try to covertly video her playing. 🙂

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