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Promo Offer? Not So Much

I am registered on the National Do Not Call list. In fact, all of my phone numbers are. So imagine my irritation when the phone rings 17 times in one day. The only thing the caller ID says is “Promo Offer” and the phone number (480) 543-1187. I went to the trusty little website WhoCalledUs and did a little research. So today, I decided to answer the phone and tell them to stop calling. As soon as I said “Hello” (granted, I was a little pissy), the guy on the other line started swearing at me. I promptly filed a complaint on the Do Not Call Registry website. Seriously? That totally pissed me off.

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  1. Al Says:

    I received a call today from the same number. I also filed “several “complaints with the Do Not Call Registry!

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