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Hey! Guess What?

It’s raining. Last night the water was running up over the curb in front of our house. We have a creek across the street, and I’ve been keeping a close eye on it, because, you know, I’m a little worried about flooding. The news guys keep warning everybody that ALL creeks are over-running their banks, so it’s a little unnerving. It’s also weird to turn on the national news and see pictures taken not far from our house. We’ve gotten 8 inches of rain in 36 hours (5.5 inches yesterday). Lake Lewsiville went from being 14 feet below normal in January to 6 feet above today.
There is an upside, though. It’s almost July, and I have the windows open. That’s right. July in Texas, and it’s currently 75 degrees outside. I can’t ever remember a time in 32 years living here that it’s been under 90 degrees this time of year, so at least my electric bill will be lower.

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