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Slugs? Ugh!

We have slugs in our garden. A LOT of slugs. It’s been rainier than usual, and therefore everything is humid and…..moist (I HATE that word. It’s dirty). When the storms rolled through the other night, they were EVERYWHERE. Crawling up the side of the house. All over our kitchen door. On the patio. I did something I have never done, since I think it’s cruel. I salted them. Well, not all of them, just the ones that were in crevices I couldn’t reach. I had noticed a couple of days ago that they were starting to get into Kevin’s beans and the zucchini, so I finally took action. Yep. I beer-baited those suckers. So far, we’ve had quite a few fatalities, so I’m feeling pretty good about the beer traps. But hey. It beats being salted to death. At least this way, they get to go out having a good time.

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  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    Given the distance from the beans to where the slugs are located, I’m tempted to think that they are *not* in any of the beds. I think something else snacked a few of the bean leaves. Slug bites are irregularly shaped & those didn’t seem to be.

    Another easy suggestion is to copper tape the tops of the beds. For whatever reason, slugs wont cross copper. They just keep on moving on.

    I think our culprit is that bag of cedar mulch. I’ll move that out of the garden and we should be A-OK!

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