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Archive: April 2007

Strangely Fascinated

I can’t explain it, but I really am strangely fascinated by CheddarVision. It’s kind of like watching paint dry, but somehow more interesting. And no, I don’t watch cheese age all day every day, but it is comforting to know I can check in on the cheese. Maybe it’s just because it’s constant and (mostly) unchanging. Whatever. I’m so into CheddarVision.

7 Years

7 years ago today I married my best friend. Happy Anniversary, baby. I love you.

Here We Go Again

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Slugs? Ugh!

We have slugs in our garden. A LOT of slugs. It’s been rainier than usual, and therefore everything is humid and…..moist (I HATE that word. It’s dirty). When the storms rolled through the other night, they were EVERYWHERE. Crawling up the side of the house. All over our kitchen door. On the patio. I did something I have never done, since I think it’s cruel. I salted them. Well, not all of them, just the ones that were in crevices I couldn’t reach. I had noticed a couple of days ago that they were starting to get into Kevin’s beans and the zucchini, so I finally took action. Yep. I beer-baited those suckers. So far, we’ve had quite a few fatalities, so I’m feeling pretty good about the beer traps. But hey. It beats being salted to death. At least this way, they get to go out having a good time.

Happy Birthday G-Man!

It’s hard to believe that Mini Cooper turns three today. I remember holding him the day he was born, and it really doesn’t seem like that long ago (so I know Kamel MUST be wondering where the time went). We had an awesome time this weekend when we went down to East Texas for the little man’s birthday bash. Kamel made the world’s finest brisket (take that, Josh!), we got to visit with lots of friends, and of course, we got to play with G. Everybody had a great time at the party, and we didn’t want to come home. We are unbeliveably blessed to be included by such a loving family.

No More Wampeters, Foma, or Granfalloons

I feel like Ice-9 has taken hold. Rest in peace Kurt Vonnegut. You will be sorely missed.

Start the Countdown

33 days until the annual trip to the beach. It sucks that this will not be the annual Coopahue trek to the islands, but I am holding out all kinds of hope for next year.

35 days until we have a new nephew! Seriously? Has it really been 8 months already?

21 days until the annual Buffett concert. Buffett always seems to kick off the “beach season” in the Donahue household. Sadly, this will be the first May in a while that we aren’t gone for most of the month. But if there’s only one beach in our future this year, I sure am glad it’s Guana.

22 days until our 7th wedding anniversary, and I am more in love with my husband than the day I said “I do”.

9 days until we reach 6 months into our adoption wait. That’s about 1/3 of the way through, unless, of course, things decide to speed up. That’s ok. Our baby girl will be sooooo worth the wait! Also? It sure doesn’t seem like it’s already been 6 months.

4 days until we head down to East Texas to visit the Coopers and celebrate a certain birthday….I know I just said it above, but time really does fly!

So there you have it. April and May are shaping up to be pretty great months.

So Wrong

When I looked out the window a little while ago, it was snowing. It’s Easter. In TEXAS. It’s so very much not supposed to snow. Luckily, Kevin covered the plants last night, just in case. The good news? This time next week we’ll be back into the 80’s.

Spring Cleaning Update

I have finally finished the kitchen! It took three full days, but I have somehow managed to completely overhaul *every* *single* *thing* in the entire room. I threw away crap that we’ve had since before we even moved in together. All of a sudden, I have space. It’s a friggin’ miracle. Now onto the next room…

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year in the Donahue household: Spring Cleaning. Everything from baseboards to ceilings get a good, thorough cleaning, and it’s exhausting. I started in the kitchen yesterday, and it will be at least two more days before I’m done in there. I’ve already knocked out the laundry room (thank God), and neither the dining room nor the living room need anything more than the regular stuff I do every week. I am, however, DREADING the guest room, which has become the clearing house for all things nursery related. The nursery itself if empty, but Kevin has to finish cleaning out the closet in there before I can get all the baby stuff back into that room.

It’s possible that I’m just nesting. I realized yesterday that we are now 1/3 of the way through with our wait. I can’t believe that our paperwork has been logged in with China for 6 months already. Time sure is flying, and that’s just fine to me.




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