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Archive: March 2007

The Floors Are In!

We had the floors installed in the nursery today, and they look GREAT!!! Here are some pictures. Of course, it will look even better when we get actual furniture in there, but every little step counts, right?


It’s official. My name may as well be Little Suzie Homemaker. I made bread yesterday, and let me tell you, it was delicious. I don’t do so well with yeast, but the recipe I used truly was fool-proof, and even Kevin went back for seconds. I’m definitely putting this one into my regular rotation!


Floors go in the nursery next Wednesday! It’s my little pink and green paradise. The lady from the floor company ooh’ed and aah’ed over the color choice today. I swear, it’s so awesome to watch other people get excited, even if we still have forever to wait. i’ll post pictures next week when the floors are in. Next step: furniture!

Yep, Wii Bowled

And I may have even kicked his ass (twice). But I’m about to reveal two things you didn’t know about my husband.

One: (and this is embarrassing to both of us): He knows all the words to Grease: Two, as I found out last night when wii we’re bowling.

Two: The man is a poet. Seriously. What follows is a transcript of what he contributed to a work-related project. When I listened to it, I teared up. It’s all true, and it touches me in a way that nothing ever has:

I’m sure everyone has a favorite place in the world; a spot where everything feels just right. For me, it’s a quaint beach house on a small out island in the Bahamas. It’s one of those untouched beaches from old novels where days pass without interruption. From an old rope hammock, you can look out on the majesty of a lapis blue ocean reconnecting with the powdered beach. A walk along the beach brings a sensation of warm sand and cool water to your toes.
From this spot, I’ve woken to the miracle of the sun touching the water, as if for the first time. I’ve fallen asleep to the warm wind and the whisper of the water upon the shore. It’s a spot not far from where I proposed to my wife, as the sun painted an amazing sunset.

A 30 minute walk along the shore brings you to a tiny beach-front bar, where they’ve never met a stranger, because everyone’s a friend. Guests wading in from their boats are treated to the local “Firewater Punch”. The menu is short, but you can’t leave hungry. The scent of coconut oil mixes with the sea air; a smell I recognize instantly.

It’s a timeless place, where minutes easily pass into hours, and the laughs outnumber the stars. I don’t get there often enough, but I can still smell the sea when I hear Kenny Chesney’s “Somewhere In The Sun”.

The first notes of the acoustic guitar over the sound of gentle waves call me back, and the toast of a land-locked dreamer is a soulful salute to those blue waters. “Here’s a toast to you on the coast and the sailors out at sea; drink your ales, hoist your sails, ride the wind, and think of me. ”
Chesney’s right. It wouldn’t take much for me to up and run to another life somewhere in the sun.

See? The man hit it on the head. Our most special place is indeed a tiny island. For me, our life together started there. And I get tears in my eyes when he talks about it. He is the only person on this earth that gets how special that is to me.

The Craziest 3 Minutes on TV

Gary Cogill had Chuck Liddell on as a guest on Good Morning Texas today. During the…..well, the term “interview” doesn’t really fit, but we’ll go with it for the sake of argument….the UFC champion….”fell asleep”. I’m gonna go with “passed out”. Gary Cogill is a favorite of mine, and I felt bad for the guy. Clearly, Chuck Liddell was on some serious something, and poor Gary was trying desperately to make some sense of the ordeal.

That said, it was highly entertaining. This surely rivals any interview of Anna Nicole. Catch the full story and the video here.

Things Change

A couple of weeks ago, I passed a milestone (which is much less painful than passing, say, a kidney stone). The day came and went quietly and without fanfare. It was the anniversary of the day I quit my job to stay home and be a “housewife”. I’m not really a big fan of that term, but still and all, that’s what I am.

I really don’t miss my previous high-powered career. I am truly enjoying being home and taking care of all things domestic. Last night I made a coffee cake for Kevin to take to the office today, and there’s no way I would have had the time or energy to do that a year ago. Kevin’s sock drawer is organized. My house stays clean. My sheets stay washed. The dishes get done EVERY SINGLE DAY (which is a small miracle that certainly didn’t occur while I was working). All the little things are no longer overlooked, and we’re both happier than ever because of it.

So here it is Thursday, and instead of ramping up for a big weekend in retail, I’m planning next week’s dinner menus and making my grocery list. How’s that for a life change?




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