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Archive: January 2007


I was disgusted and disappointed last night when I saw Paula Zahn’s “interview” regarding the “new” regulations concerning Chinese adoption. I have provided the link, but I certainly would not suggest wasting your time reading it. Just know that Paula Zahn and her panelists were ignorant at best, and racist at worst. I’m fairly certain that my friends and family know the facts as well as the reasons why we personally have chosen foreign adoption, but it’s interviews like the one that was aired last night that (aside from being untrue and irresponsible) that perpetuate negative stereotypes.
I have been a staunch supporter of CNN for years; sadly, I will no longer be watching, as I have lost all trust in their ability to report the facts. Fox News, here I come.

Love It

I love, love, LOVE my new Dirt Devil Broom Vac. It is the best thing I have ever bought for myself (even better than the killer deal I just got on a new black velvet blazer). Since Chloe likes to molt when it gets warm, there has been dog hair all over the house. Not anymore! Those days are ov-er. There is no Chloe hair to be found anywhere on the floors. Hot damn and Halleluiah!

A Walk In The Woods

I *finally* took a little time to walk down the path that runs behind our neighborhood. It seemed like a good day for it, and now I can say I’ve been down to the duck pond (yes, Kamel, I know….it’s about time). It’s a pretty nice little path, and I think it will make a good contrast to the treadmill. The photo was taken about 1/2 mile down the path.

It Was Pretty While It Lasted

The tree is now officially naked. The 1100 ornaments seemed like a good idea when it was up, but damn, was it ever a chore to take down. I’m sure I’ll do it all again next year, though. Eleven months is a lot of time to forget the agony of removing all those ornaments.


Everybody has those days. You know, the ones where you look around at everything you have to do and become paralyzed by the sheer VOLUME of work you have to do. You don’t know where to start. That’s so very much me today. Kevin and I have been gone for almost two weeks. The tree is still up, the lights are still on the house, the laundry is piled high, there is dog hair in the bed (and on the floor, and in the carpet), there are Christmas presents to put away, there is about an inch of dust covering everything, and we’ve missed two weeks of trash pickup. All of this is in addition to the massive organization overhaul that I’ve promised for 2007.
I really can’t ever recall having quite this much to do around the house, and it’s going to take me weeks to do everything I want, so for right now, I think I’ll just start with washing the sheets and see where that takes me. Damn, but there’s a lot of work in my future.

Ringing It In With Styyyyyyle

We just got home from a weekend in the country, and man, did we ever have a great time. It was the 4th Annual Coopahue New Year’s Bash, and this year, even Little GMan stayed up to ring it in. We stayed down at J&C’s newly renovated farmhouse, waaaaaaaaay back in the woods. Hmmmm….Seems like the perfect opportunity for a little pyrotechnic display. Now, I’m not talking about those pussy fireworks. No sir. We shot (and by we I mean mostly Kevin with some Josh) off the mack-daddy, top-o-the-line, looked like a professional job fireworks. I’m pretty sure Kevin will have the video posted soon.
We had so much fun, and we can’t wait to go back. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s true: Josh has officially turned into a hippie. Sweet.




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