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Channeling Jonas Nightingale

“You ask: When’s it gonna rain?”
“I say: When’s it gonna stop?”

That’s pretty much the story around here. We went from total drought to absolute saturation in 7 days. I’m beginning to feel like nothing will dry out ever again. As an added bonus, in addition to today’s snow, we can expect more snow, sleet, and freezing rain right on through the weekend. Thankfully, the roads clear up every day around noon, so if I time it right, I can actually leave the house without the fear of sliding all the way to where I’m going.

And major props to those who know the movie to which I’m referring WITHOUT the use of Google. No, Kevin, you can’t play.

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  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    Trivia: The man who plays Jonas was not the original Jonas. Filming began with Michael Keaton as Jonas and his scenes were re-shot after he quit.

    Hint: I complained about this movie not being on DVD in 2002, because it’s one of my favorites. It has since been released on DVD.

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