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Never Trust a Skinny Cook

Or, if you live in Milan, never trust a non-anorexic model. Madrid stirred up some controversy this week by declaring that they would turn away “models whose body mass index, based on weight and height, falls below a certain level”. Good for them, I say.
Unfortunately, the fashionistas in Milan disagree with this policy, even going so far as to say that “anorexia is a rare phenomenon in the fashion world”. Uh-huh. Riiiiiiight.
We’ve heard for years that heroin-chic is out, but we have yet to see real-sized women on the runways. I personally don’t really care who is wearing what, but I think it’s high time that somebody in the fashion world made a real statement, and it seems that Madrid is doing just that.
Bottom line? Hooray Madrid. Boo Milan. And last but not least, hooray for Dove.
Let’s make sure we’re teaching our girls that curves are cool. It’s blatant drug use and anorexia that suck.

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