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Thank God For the Internet

Without the internet, I would have to buy a plane ticket and fly to San Francisco. Fortunately for me, I am able to order the most delicious treat in the world with just a click. That’s right, I’m talking about fudge. The best fudge in the whole wide world. Fudge that is even better than mine (and that’s saying something). For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in the Bay area, I hate you. You can have yummy fudge any time you want (not to mention the fact that you have easy access to all the tasty North Beach restaurants). For the rest of us, Z cioccolato offers online ordering. Try the Tiger Butter. It’s better than sex (at least, it’s better than average sex. You know, the kind you had when you were a teen-ager). Just don’t blame me when you become an addict.

5 Responses to “Thank God For the Internet”

  1. Angela M Says:

    What does tiger butter taste like? Is it a coconut flavor? Just striped fudge? Tell me more of this heavenly indulgence.

  2. statia Says:

    *takes the internet away so you HAVE to buy a plane ticket.*

  3. Merrin Says:

    Oh…..How to describe the goodness that is Tiger Butter? I’ll try to do it justice: It’s beautiful layers of vanilla, white chocolate, peanut butter, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate fudge, striped on top with white chocolate, vanilla, and milk chocolate. The texture is beyond description. I’m not a peanut butter or a white chocolate fan, but believe me when I tell you: you cannot live without at least trying this. It is heaven in the form of a lovely confection.

  4. denise Says:

    OOoooo, the Tiger Butter sounds delicious! I’m thinking of trying Creamsicle & Raspberry Chocolate Swirl. Any other suggestions? (And any place that sells good fudge AND good salt water taffy is little bit of heaven!)

  5. Angela M Says:

    Pardon me while I grab the credit card…

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