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Love and Hate

First, the bad news: I HATE, yes, HATE the Lowe’s in Flower Mound. The employees that “work” there are a prime example of the worst of the worst in retail. If they worked for me, I’d fire them. Remember: I worked retail for years, mostly as a General Manager. The service consitently sucks, so much so that we are more than willing to drive 5 miles out of our way to go to the next closest one, where, incidentally, the service is quite good. (BTW, Home Depot in Flower Mound is actually worse, so there is really no other alternative). And yes, I’ve complained.
Now, for the good news: I love my local Kroger (located in Highland Village. If you live up this way, drive the extra time to get to this particular store—trust me, it’s worth it). Seriously. I would marry it if I could. The service is always fantastic, and today, I cleaned them out of flat-iron steaks (which you can’t find at any other local grocery, and it’s way more expensive to get them at the local butcher). I love that they even carry flat-iron steaks. I love that they carry really fresh lump crab meat. I love that they have really good prices. I love that they always, and I mean always, say “Thank You” like they mean it. They’ve never once failed to offer to help me to my car. Every employee in the store greets you when you walk by. They ALWAYS call for assistance at the deli and butcher counters when there is more than one person standing there. And yes, I’ve written a letter to the GM to let him know how great is staff is.
Sure, it sounds inconsequential to most, but I have a really big thing about customer service. If you can’t deliver, get out of the business. And if you can, then you deserve a big, fat raise. If you as the consumer notices really good service, please, on behalf of retail workers everywhere, let the GM know, It really makes their day, and it does have a positive effect on the employees.

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