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We had our usual Coopahue Saturday night dinner last night, and, I have to say, the redhead hit a home run. She made the best burgers we’ve ever had. A few weeks ago, she marinated some skirt steak for fajitas, and after I got the recipe from her, it became known in our house as “Camille’s Meat”. Picture this:
Kev: What’s for dinner?
Me: Camille’s Meat.
Kev: Mmmmmmm. Camille’s Meat…..
So, basically, she adapted the recipe for burgers. As Kevin said, it was “tasty and dee-lic-ious”. These burgers will become legend. Can we have them again tonight?

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  1. Camille Says:

    that is just gross! stop calling it that!! Kevin should never be allowed to say, “Mmmmm..Camille’s meat…”

    but I’m glad you liked the burgers. maybe we can to make them again this weekend for Beaver. (No pun intended)

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