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Really, Really Itchy

Still. And it’s spread. Arms, shoulders, wrists, behind the knees, on the calves, even a little patch on my tummy. Really, really, really, annoyingly itchy. Nothing topical is working on it. Benadryl takes my mind off it, but it also knocks me out. ITCHY. Maddeningly itchy. This has to stop. And I know not to scratch it, because that’s how it spread. Can anyone tell me what’s worse than not scratching an itch? This is like the 7th circle of Hell. Kevin can tell you: I HATE BEING ITCHY. I’m like a walking petri dish of some random allergic reaction. Send help. Send antihistamines. Send mittens, because I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

3 Responses to “Really, Really Itchy”

  1. angela Says:

    You poor thing! I hate itching too. I’ve found that the kids cortaid spray-on stuff works reasonably well.

  2. statia Says:

    Perhaps lots of tequila would take your mind off of it?

  3. Merrin Says:

    Tequila always works.

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