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So, vacation is 17 days away. That means it’s time to start checking the ferry schedule and planning grocery lists. It’s nice to have enough time to plan this time around. I have to get with Josh to figure out what we’re going to be eating every night (and no, Josh, we won’t be having fish at every meal). I have to double check with Kev to make sure we have our golf cart rented. I need to check on prices for renting a boat for the day.
And then there’s the matter of my other full-time job…..As much as I’m looking forward to going on vacation, I worry a little bit about running behind filing paperwork and stuff. But hey….a week in the Bahamas, and I’ll have no worries, right?

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  1. Camille Says:

    I seriously can’t wait for vacation. But…I haven’t even started planning on what I need to pack, or making sure I know where my birth cert or passport is, or where G’s birth cert is. I guess I should do that tonight!

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