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RT @HonestToddler: Toddler Tip: She has a bounty of nerves underneath that "last" one. Don't worry :)

Time, Time, Time. See What’s Become of Me

One month till the Bahamas.
3 weeks till Buffett (I know C can’t wait).
6 hours until my husband comes home (unless he can’t get on a standby flight, then it’s 10 hours).
5 days until he leaves again.
4 days until the baby shower that I’m throwing for a friend (and the updated list is now at 30 people…..sheesh).
56 days until my 31st birthday.
57 days until Kevin’s 33rd birthday.
26 days until our 6th wedding anniversary.
44 days until St. John.
0 minutes until I have to start cleaning the house.

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