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Sweet Nectar of the Gods

Damn you, Chic-Fil-A. Damn you and your sweet tea. Damn you, Kroger, for carrying sweet tea in gallon jugs. Texas isn’t supposed to have sweet tea. You shouldn’t be able to order it at restaurants or in drive-throughs. You damn sure shouldn’t be able to buy it at the grocery store. I was happy with my Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. It was comforting. It was calorie-free. But my thirst demanded to be quenched by the sugary goodness that is sweet tea. I cannot stop the addiction; therefore, I surrender to it.
And in another week or so when my thighs balloon to the size of Goodyear blimps, I’ll comfort myself with a nice, big, cold glass of sweet tea.

2 Responses to “Sweet Nectar of the Gods”

  1. sloane Says:

    Try iced Hojicha. It’s a far, far grander thing.

    If that’s not going to do it for you, try making iced green tea with a good slather of honey in with the hot water. Far less evil than straight up sweet tea, and you get the bonus of all the green tea good-for-you-ness.

  2. Angela Says:

    Oh how I miss sweet tea – that perfect mix of slightly spiced tea leaves with dixie crystals. Oh my, my. In Ohio they give you a glass of tea and a packet of pink stuff and expect that to suffice.

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