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Archive: January 2006

The Coolest Thing Ever

So, a while ago, I ordered one of these, and it is awesome. When I was little, I got so annoyed because all of my friends had stickers and stuff with their names on them, but, for obvious reasons, I didn’t. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve made it my personal mission to have as much personalized stuff as I can (Kevin even got me a personalized mixing bowl for my mixer).

If you live in the Dallas area, get over to Extravaganza and check out all of their goodies! Thanks, C, for introducing me to the best little store in the Mound!

I Love to Hate You

I am involved in a love/hate relationship. I hear the call: “Meeeerrrriiinnnn…….Come and get me!” and I have to go and stomp around on it for awhile. But the cold, hard fact is that, at the end of the day, I love my treadmill.I even moved the thing into the living room so that I can’t avoid it can be closer to it. It’s only somewhere around the 45 minute mark on the little bitch that I start screaming at it. Damn, you treadmill. Damn you and your 7% incline. Damn your 6 mph (yeah, like I could make it any faster than that). Damn you, target heart rate.

Happy New Year

After the final Saturday Night Steak Dinner of 2005, we almost rang in the new year. Instead, we pretty much went to sleep. This has absolutely no impact on our sincere wishes for everyone to have a fabulous new year, we were just tired. I know I’m looking forward to a great year spent with friends and family, chock full of old traditions and new memories.
Happy New Year!




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