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Archive: May 2005

Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?

I’m sending special thoughts and prayers to a friend of mine, whose daughter is in the hospital suffering from Pertussis (commonly known as Whooping Cough). Yes, the kiddo has been immunized, but apparently there is a vicious strain going around that is, um, immune to the immunization. There is nothing in the world more heartwrenching than having to suit up in gloves, mask, and gown to visit a sick three-year-old who can’t leave her hospital room because she’s quarantined.
If you have little ones, and you live in the DFW area, be extra careful. Wash your hands often, and be on the lookout for a cough that doesn’t get better. Even if you’ve had the shot, you (and your kids) are still at risk. The best part? It can last for weeks, or even months.

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday, baby. I love you!

They Say It’s Your Birthday

Hey! It’s my birthday, too! Yeah, yeah, yeah…..I’m the big 3-0 today, which is just one decade closer to middle-aged. Kevin got me a shiny new laptop, and, yes, it’s a Mac. Then, I turned right around and got him one too, since his birfday is tomorrow. Other than that, we’ve spent a lovely couple of days with J, C, and Mini. It’s been pretty quiet around here for the last few days, which is nice, considering how hectic our lives have been lately. I’m almost caught up on my sleep, but I’m sure that will change soon enough. More on the birfday festivites later…..




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