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The Donahue World Tour and Musical Shower Revue

Well, we made it to Tampa and back again. Correction: one of us made it to Tampa and back again, and the other one is currently on a flight to LA. We flew in on Friday evening for Sonny’s (Kev’s grandad) 80th birthday bash, and we left this morning at 6:00. After a connection through Houston (WTF? I don’t fly connecting flights!), we made it back to Dallas, where Kevin promptly boarded a plane bound for California. By the time he goes to bed tonight, he will have been up for 24 hours. Poor guy. I bet he won’t be singing in the shower tomorrow like he did today, although, I must admit, he does a pretty good rendition of Private Dancer.

One Response to “The Donahue World Tour and Musical Shower Revue”

  1. Camille Says:

    Why?! Why did you put that in my mind?!! So…does he sing it in his Opera voice?




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