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Not Taters? Not Bad.

Tonight I made steak with a hearty mushroom gravy, zucchini, and Garlic Mashed Not Potatoes. While my heart will always lie with the potato, I have to say, the Not Potatoes weren’t bad, as long as you weren’t expecting them to taste like, well, mashed potatoes. Since I can’t stand cauliflower (again, it’s a texture thing, not so much a taste thing), I wasn’t optimistic. However, once you puree them beyond all recognition, they are actually quite good. Thanks, also, to Stephanie for the cheese tip: I added about 3 tablespoons of cream cheese so I could get the right consistency. As usual, I jacked around with the original recipe quite a bit in order for it to fit my personal preferences.
Long story short, the verdict is in: Not Mashed Potatoes are good. Kevin ate them and liked them, and that’s usually my yardstick, since he tends to be picky. I’ll make them again.




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