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Two Scents

I have found the most fabulous place on Earth. Who knew a trip to Sam Moon would lead to such a wonderful find? If you haven’t checked out the Fusion Factory yet, you need to. It’s in the Sam Moon Center off of Harry Hines. You get to create your very own candles, body lotions, scrubs, even shampoo. Best of all, you create a registry while you’re in the store, and then you can re-order online. You used to be able to do some of that at Garden Botanika, but since they don’t have any stand-alone stores here anymore, Fusion Factory has stepped right in. Plus, GB was a little pricey, and while Fusion Factory isn’t cheap, it is more reasonable.
Get down to Harry Hines and knock out all your Holiday shopping in one place. Yes, they do stuff for guys, too.
Oh, yeah. I got a purse and a super fun red hat with feathers for me. Maybe I can talk Kevin into posting pictures later……

2 Responses to “Two Scents”

  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    I’m glad to post the pictures, just put on a matching outfit. 😉

  2. Merrin Says:

    You’re dirty.




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