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Three Little Words

There are three little words (hereafter referred to as TLW) being spoken with alarming regularity in the Donahue household lately. Now, if you know Kevin and me, you probably think you have a pretty good idea of what those words might be. You’re wrong. Sure, we say the traditional three little words eleventy billion times a day, and neither of us ever get tired of hearing them. The words to which I’m currently referring, however, are being used as a form of….well, if not revenge, then let’s just say “public outing”.
That’s right: The phrase striking fear into the heart of couples/friends/co-workers everywhere is “I’m Blogging This”. Now, granted, there have been many times that for the sake of my marriage, I have refrained from sharing (besides, Kevin usually does a pretty good job of outing himself with his “Confessions“. This is because he knows if he doesn’t own up to something, then I will out him).
Sure, this all sounds petty, and maybe a little mean, but you have to know us to appreciate it. Neither of us would ever twist the TLW to suit malicious purposes, but it sure is funny to think about exposing the uber-arm hair (I swear, Kevin has one arm hair that would make some poor bald man a mighty fine comb-over). In the end, I think I’ll just go order one of these, and throw it on when my husband’s antics strike me as particularly funny.

4 Responses to “Three Little Words”

  1. Angela Says:

    Those same TLW have been used quite frequently in the McBride household too. Sadly, I usually forget or Michael digs up something on me so we “call a truce” and leave it all unblogged.

    Of course my recent preference for the comfy tshirts and shorts in Mike’s PJ drawer might land me on his blog. Should that happen I have a load of gems saved up for my site. 😉

  2. Camille Says:

    I have that shirt. Never worn it. You’re welcome to borrow it at any time!

  3. Michelle Says:

    I’ve had my eye on that shirt for a while, but haven’t ordered it.

    I do have their “I I’ve had my eye on that shirt for a while, but haven’t ordered it.

    I do have their “I

  4. Michelle Says:

    LOL – ok…I had put in a charachter and a 3 to make a heart…but that didn’t come across…the shirt I do have says, “I heart MY GEEK”




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