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I just killed not one, but two of these. They were hiding in the bathtub in the guest bathroom, which never gets used, and only gets cleaned about once a month (really, why clean it if it’s never used?). Good thing I read this a while back, though. I was really on the lookout for the little buggers.

7 Responses to “Scary”

  1. camille Says:

    Every time I see a spider in the house that *might* be a brown recluse, I capture it so I can inspect it more closely. I don’t think I’ve caught one yet, but there have been several times that I first thought it was a b.r.

  2. Merrin Says:

    These were both br’s. I stuck them in a jar and carried them to the computer for comparison. Sure enough, there was the “fiddle”.

  3. Kevin Says:

    You should take them over to Kamiel’s house! 😉

  4. *:) Says:

    You are brave, woman! I would have smooshed them, screaming the whole time, and then, drained them down the tub!

    I don’t really have to say, “Be Careful!” do I? Well, I’ll just think it, anyway!

  5. camille Says:

    I’m glad you were able to get them before they got you! Now I’m worried that I have them too. Of course I do – we share a backyard! I’ve got to remember to start shaking out my shoes before I put them on.

  6. Kevin Says:

    Y’all are missing the big picture: What if they’ve already nested in your house?

    ((Music: Dunn, dunnn, dunnnnn))

  7. *:) Says:

    Well, if there were two of them, then it reasons that there may be more!





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