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Ode To San Antonio

I promised I’d blog it, but leave out the details. So here’s the clean version, with just our trevails:

?Twas a long three-day weekend, and all through the car,
The excitement was growing; we weren?t very far
From our destination, though inclement weather,
We knew that we?d make it if we just stuck together.

The GPS failed us, but that was okay.
?I?m sure?, shouted Kevin, ?That I know the way!?
Now which hotel is it? Oh yeah, that?s the one.
Now get him a beer, for the driving is done.

While visions of fishbowls danced in his head,
It would be hours till we went to bed.
Sadly, however, different drinks must be had.
Joe don?t do fishbowls. The tools. That?s too bad.

We made do with tequila, mojitos, and beer.
Then Kev couldn?t take it; seepy time was near.
Up to the room he stumbled while swaying.
?No way!? ?It?s too early!? so we ended up staying.

Soon after, however, the liquor consumed
Caught up with us, and it was up to our rooms.
The night?s party was over, but don?t be concerned.
There are still lots of stories and truths to be learned.

The next day dawned sunny, calm, and serene,
And I knew in an instant I must have caffeine
To combat the headache beginning to brew.
So it was hair of the dog, and Dr. Pepper times two.

Then on to the Market, via the Saturday street,
Where lunch was consumed, a right tasty treat.
The drinking began right around noon,
I swear, we drank enough beer to fill a lagoon.

After a boat ride and cookies for C,
We headed to Hooter?s for beer number 3.
Make that a pitcher, and 20 hot wings,
And two hours later we couldn?t see things.

On to the next bar, with wenches galore,
And no, I?m not speaking of Mexican whores.
A few more beers later, and it?s dinner time.
Oops! Missed our table. Get back in line.

After the meal, things start to get fuzzy.
So back to the room, but we?re a little bit clumsy.
Kev fell asleep, and Josh did, as well.
The boys were defeated by booze, can?t you tell?

By the time they awoke, it was time to head back.
We loaded the car and played our soundtrack.
David Sedaris made us giggle quite loud,
We hardly noticed the sky fill with clouds.

Back to bad weather, that?s okay, head to West.
It?s time for some lunch, and I just must confess
The kolaches I bought for my mom never made it.
I ate them up quick, I told her she?d hate it.

On through the toll plaza, we were almost home.
However, I know one day we will roam
Across our great nation on all sorts of adventures
Even when we wear of ourselves the old dentures.

From crapped-out RV?s to two morsels of lumber,
Endless kolaches and a drink-induced slumber,
A great time was had by one and by all,
Let?s do it again. Saddle up, y?all!

7 Responses to “Ode To San Antonio”

  1. Kevin Says:

    That is greatness! Good job, baby!!!!!

  2. Merrin Says:

    I’m an f-ing genius. Imagine how great it would be if I spent more than 10 minutes on it??!?!?!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Kevin’s site looks ok, but yours does not. It’s a little askew. Code in the fat green column and your post in the skinny white column.

  4. Michelle Says:


  5. Kevin Says:

    Happiness restored. And, yes, baby, you are a genuis.

  6. nf0 Says:

    Wow thats great and just what I need after sitting in a training session for almost 9 hours.

  7. Camille Says:

    10 minutes?! that is awesome. now, you should get started on that other project you told us about.




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