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I Once Was Lost

Or at least my diamond earring was. This is the cursed earring. I have tossed it down a drain. I have vacuumed it up. I have lost the back (three times). Mind you, I can keep up with every other piece of jewelry that I own, but this particular earring must really hate me. I’m pretty sure they must be Blood Diamonds, and karma is kicking me in the ass.
Kevin bought me my first pair of diamond studs the first Christmas we were married. I desperately wanted them. They are beautiful. I’m particularly careful with them, because I’ve had so many close calls. So imagine my horror today when I heard one hit the floor in my bathroom. Please understand: My bathroom is not small. It is, in fact, cavernous. I searched frantically for 20 minutes and was late to work. Finally, I called Kevin this afternoon to give him the bad news. I cried (and no, not in Girly Defense so he wouldn’t yell at me). I never cry. Well, except at Office Depot, Hallmark, and AT&T commercials (and the Folger’s Christmas commercial, but that doesn’t count). I was, needless to say, distraught.
The good news? HE FOUND IT!!!!! And he says he needs to buy me bigger ones so I can’t lose them. This man is perfect. I think I’m going to have him start a boot camp for lesser men. Whaddya think?

One Response to “I Once Was Lost”

  1. denise Says:

    You should, you and Kev would make a killing! Btw, Happy New Year! 😀




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