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As usual, there’s lots going on right now at Chez Donahue. We’ve both been so busy that there has been a noticable lack of blogging lately, and I thought I’d rectify that today, since I’m off work.
Let’s start with a stunning insight into my psyche, shall we? Last night, while frantically searching for my Super Sharpie, I discovered something about myself: I’m a slave to the Ultra Fine Point Sharpie. I counted 137 Ultra Fine Point Sharpies in assorted colors. These did me no good, however, as I needed a larger point in order to address a package. 137. Ultra. Fine. Point. Sharpies. I have a sickness.
In addition to spending some quality time with my computer, I also have to send out my Christmas cards and start on Thank You notes for gifts already received. It seems I’ll have a full day, after all!

5 Responses to “Happenings”

  1. nf0 Says:

    137, your girlfriend , oh what that was 37 and it wasn’t Sharpies. Hey now that should have been in PC-TP.

    Everybody should collect something, its not a sickness 🙂

  2. Kevin Says:

    I’m sitting here in utter disbelief because I have absolutely no idea what the hell that comment means. The words look like English, but still…nothing.

  3. Merrin Says:

    I think we may need an English-Josh dictionary. 😉

  4. nf0 Says:

    What , have i actually stumbled across a piece of movie Trivia that you don’t know? I’ll share, have you seen the movie Clerks?

  5. LoneAggie Says:

    That’s a lot of Sharpies! I find Sharpies very handy myself for a variety of tasks, so I think you collect something very useful 🙂 Clerks…. greatness…. ever seen Empire Records?




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