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Archive: December 2003

I Once Was Lost

Or at least my diamond earring was. This is the cursed earring. I have tossed it down a drain. I have vacuumed it up. I have lost the back (three times). Mind you, I can keep up with every other piece of jewelry that I own, but this particular earring must really hate me. I’m pretty sure they must be Blood Diamonds, and karma is kicking me in the ass.
Kevin bought me my first pair of diamond studs the first Christmas we were married. I desperately wanted them. They are beautiful. I’m particularly careful with them, because I’ve had so many close calls. So imagine my horror today when I heard one hit the floor in my bathroom. Please understand: My bathroom is not small. It is, in fact, cavernous. I searched frantically for 20 minutes and was late to work. Finally, I called Kevin this afternoon to give him the bad news. I cried (and no, not in Girly Defense so he wouldn’t yell at me). I never cry. Well, except at Office Depot, Hallmark, and AT&T commercials (and the Folger’s Christmas commercial, but that doesn’t count). I was, needless to say, distraught.
The good news? HE FOUND IT!!!!! And he says he needs to buy me bigger ones so I can’t lose them. This man is perfect. I think I’m going to have him start a boot camp for lesser men. Whaddya think?

Hello, World!

It seems as if Kevin has been picking up my blogging slack lately. I was, however, able to tear myself away from my brand new Game Boy (thanks, Santa Kev!) and make a little time for my computer today, however. Not much going on around these parts, but that’s hardly unusual.
Here’s a brief rundown (in the stream of conciousness manner to which you should be accustomed when it comes to me):
We’re going down to San Antonio in a couple of weeks for some rest and relaxation. Oh, who are we kidding? We’re going to party! AND, word has it that some friends are coming, too! Hooray!
We’re having some folks over for New Year’s, so that should be fun. Low-key, just hangin’ out fun. Wanna come?
I love my Game Boy.
I’m finally caught up on world events. See? It only took a week!
I cleaned my house.
I need to make a new CD for my car.
I’m writing Thank You notes.
I’m making New Year’s resolutions.
I’m reading 4 books.
I’m playing with this.
Whew! No wonder I’m tired! For not a lot going on, that sure is a big list……

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

Whew! I can’t believe another Christmas has already come and gone. I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Kevin and I sure did. Yeah, the loot was great, but the best part was being able to spend two full days in Fort Worth with my family. Thanks, Mom, for kicking ass as usual and letting us invade your house. The dogs thank you, too.
After every holiday shopping season, I always feel extremely disconnected, and this year is no different. I didn’t even find out about increased airport security (or the reason for it) until yesterday. All of this means that I plan on spending the rest of my day catching up on my current events, writing Thank You notes, and calling everyone I missed yesterday in order to wish them a Merry Christmas. Sure, I’m a day late, but better late than never!

Email, Shmemail

My email has been acting up. I’ve known it, deep down, for a couple of days, and now my worst fears have been confirmed. So if you’ve been trying to reach me by email, please know that I’m not ignoring you: I simply have not received your message. Alas, it’s true: I’m going to have to change my email account. Dammit.

Could Someone Please Explain?!?!?!?

Why on Earth there have been multiple searches to my blog today involving either A) my name, or B) the phrase “cute merrin stripping”?!?!?!?!

What the hell?

Oh What Fun

It is to ride in the old front-wheel drive family sleigh! Kev, Camille, Josh, and I loaded up the family truckster and headed out to look at lights. Between Kevin almost getting us killed, almost killing some innocent bystanders, creepy mannequins, singing South Park Christmas carols, and all the lights, I’d say a good time was had by all. And let’s not forget the flair. I wore my reindeer antlers to work today, by the way, and they were a huge hit!

Fly The Friendly Skies

Sure, it’s destined to fail before it’s first year is up, but this is one airline that I’d fly any day.


As usual, there’s lots going on right now at Chez Donahue. We’ve both been so busy that there has been a noticable lack of blogging lately, and I thought I’d rectify that today, since I’m off work.
Let’s start with a stunning insight into my psyche, shall we? Last night, while frantically searching for my Super Sharpie, I discovered something about myself: I’m a slave to the Ultra Fine Point Sharpie. I counted 137 Ultra Fine Point Sharpies in assorted colors. These did me no good, however, as I needed a larger point in order to address a package. 137. Ultra. Fine. Point. Sharpies. I have a sickness.
In addition to spending some quality time with my computer, I also have to send out my Christmas cards and start on Thank You notes for gifts already received. It seems I’ll have a full day, after all!


Oooohhhhh…..Two Jehovah’s Witnesses just knocked on my door! That’s the first time that’s ever happened! I feel like a true homeowner now!

No Time

I have to go to bed, since I just got home from work, and I have to turn right around and do this all again at 6:00 AM, but some things need to be covered tonight:
First: Camille and Josh are hilarious. We had a blast, and I promise to post my version of the ass-kicking recap tomorrow. Thanks guys!
Second: It should be noted that I have finally started my Christmas shopping. I have now bought presents for half of the people on my list. Boo-yah!
Third, and most important: A HUGE THANK YOU to Tina!!!!! You rock my world, and rest assured that Hello Kitty will be gracing the window of my car tomorrow. Finding your lovely note and goodies in my mailbox was so very much the best part of my day!
More tomorrow, but for now, thanks to the Coopers and to Tina for really cranking up my Christmas spirit!

Today’s Shameful Admission

Okay. Here goes. I have a huge weakness for bad teenager movies. I love Can’t Hardly Wait, I know just about every line in Bring It On, and today, I’ve added yet another to my list of guiltly pleasures: Blue Crush. I Tivo’d it last night, and I watched it twice today. Damn. I’m a loser. But I sure wanna be a surfer girl when I grow up! No, it’s not a great film, but it offers a whole lot of escapism, and isn’t that what movies are all about?

Christmas Tunes

I’ve decided that a couple of times a week, from now till Christmas, I’d post the lyrics to some of my favorite Christmas songs. So here’s today’s:
Belleau Wood
Oh, the snowflakes fell in silence
Over Belleau Wood that night
For a Christmas truce had been declared
By both sides of the fight
As we lay there in our trenches
The silence broke in two
By a German soldier singing
A song that we all knew

Though I did not know the language
The song was “Silent Night”
Then I heard my buddy whisper,
“All is calm and all is bright”
Then the fear and doubt surrounded me
‘Cause I’d die if I was wrong
But I stood up in my trench
And I began to sing along

Then across the frozen battlefield
Another’s voice joined in
Until one by one each man became
A singer of the hymn

Then I thought that I was dreaming
For right there in my sight
Stood the German soldier
‘Neath the falling flakes of white
And he raised his hand and smiled at me
As if he seemed to say
Here’s hoping we both live
To see us find a better way

Then the devil’s clock struck midnight
And the skies lit up again
And the battlefield where heaven stood
Was blown to hell again

But for just one fleeting moment
The answer seemed so clear
Heaven’s not beyond the clouds
It’s just beyond the fear

No, heaven’s not beyond the clouds
It’s for us to find it here

What Are You Doing Sunday?

First it was Sex and the City. Then The Sopranos. Then it was Six Feet Under. Then Band of Brothers. Then Carnivale and K Street. Now HBO is offering the next big thing: a screen adaptation of Angels in America. I first heard that this was coming way back in September, and I was thrilled. I told Kevin, and predictably, his response was “What’s that?”. Sunday, he’ll get his chance to find out. If you’ve never been lucky enough to see the play, make sure you take this opportunity to catch the miniseries on HBO. They’re the only ones I would trust not to screw it up.
So if you need me Sunday night, please don’t call between 7:00 and 9:45. This is one that gets watched in real time.

Now It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Every year, Kevin and I drive around our neighborhood (and others) in an attempt to find the tackiest house. Actually, it should be noted that this was a tradition begun by my mother when I was but a wee little lass. It helps to ease the stress of working retail during the holidays. Anyhoo, we were out and about last night, and just when we thought we’d found the absolute worst house ever (illuminated plastic sheep, the standard illluminated nativity scene, et all), we spotted it.
Many of you know that the movie Christmas Vacation is a holiday staple in the Donahue household. We know every line by heart. So imagine our surprise when we really did come across the Tenement on Wheels parked in front of the most hideous house on the street (not our street, mind you…not even our neighborhood). You know how they say you can see Las Vegas, New York, and the Great Wall of China from space? Well, they got nothing on this house. Three, count ’em three illuminated plastic nativity scenes! Inflateable snowmen! Lots and lots of plastic illuminated soldiers circling a flagpole! Magenta lights! Blue lights! Green lights! 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights! Absolutely NO surface left untouched by plastic yard art or half-flashing lights! And all this with the RV parked in front, along with a tore-up pick-up truck.
Ahhhhh……There it is! I just found my Christmas spirit!

Happy Golden Days of Yore

I’m trying ever so hard to get into the Christmas spirit, and yet it seems that it gets harder and harder every year. At first, I thought it was because I work in retail, and, let’s face it, that alone is enough to do anybody in. But I’m really starting to believe it’s more than that. I absolutely love spending the holidays with my husband, but lately, I’ve been feeling that something is missing. Then today it hit me. I want a child in my life to share all of this with. I want to stay up late on Christmas Eve cursing the phrase “Some Assembly Required”. I want to be woken up at 5:00 AM on Christmas morning. I want to yawn over my first cup of coffee while I watch the kids tear open the wrapping paper and squeal about their cool new toys. Mostly, I want to share the joys of the Christmases that I had with my own kids.
So, yeah, I’m a little sad, and not quite in the spirit. But I’m trying. So if I seem a little down, don’t take it personally. I’m dong everything I can.




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