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You Want Mint For Pee-low?

Housekeeping. Ugh. Well, at least my house is spotless. I’ve been cleaning for two solid days in preparation for the in-laws, and I’m beat! In keeping with the theme, I also pruned my Blogroll down to a more manageable size.
Lots has been going on this week, and since we’re down to one car for a few days, we’ve had to be really creative with schedules and such. Hopefully, we’ll get Kevin’s car out of the shop today or tomorrow, so that will ease some of the burden.
Does anybody else feel like somebody just hit fast forward on the clock? Thanksgiving is in SIX DAYS. Can anyone hit pause? Anyone? Bueller?

4 Responses to “You Want Mint For Pee-low?”

  1. Camille Says:

    I too am shocked that Thanksgiving is next week! Followed by Christmas. Followed by my moms birthday, my birthday, my child’s birth day, and my anniversary. Of course, all the rest of that is over a 5 month period, but still! If Thanksgiving can get here that fast, so can the rest of it!!

  2. LoneAggie Says:

    There is just so much different this year. Like you said Thanksgiving is basically here, but the weather is still in the 80’s. Halloween was like yesterday.

  3. Angela Says:

    Time has absolutely flown by since spring. I had to put up the Christmas tree this weekend b/c we don’t have any other time to do it before say Christmas Eve. I had to stay late on Friday just trying to get my work caught up so I can actually take full advantage of my short week. Even if you can’t find the pause button, slow mo will do.

  4. denise Says:

    No kidding! This whole year has just flown by. I’m hoping next year won’t go by so quickly… Btw, if you find the pause button, let me know. 😉




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