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Happy Days

We’re having a fantastic time so far, and we’re just about to head out for Kailey’s christening. She looks fabulous! I told her to enjoy the dress now, ‘cuz girls only get to wear that much fluffy white a couple of times in their lives. We’ll post pictures later, and then you can all see for yourselves what a great job Courtney’s mom did on the dress.
Oh yeah, before I forget. I want to shout out a HUGE thank you to Brian and Courtney for putting us up this weekend! You guys are rock stars, and it’s been SO great to spend time with y’all!

One Response to “Happy Days”

  1. Aurora Says:

    Have a Fun trip. I am sure we will see lots of pics soon.

    The Da Vinci Codes Special was on this morning. Did you Tivo it? The biggest thing I heard… was on the computer, only half listening… was that supposedly the bible never says Mary M. was a prostitute. Some Catholic (I think) Priest did, a very long time ago.

    Have a safe trip… it was raining all weekend, the sun finally came out this afternoon, it is cold!!!




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