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So Happy It’s Tuesday

That means it’s time for Queer Eye! I must say, this show has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on my husband. For 30 years, he has shellacked his hair with hairspray. Then, after watching Kyan last week, he decided to branch out. Over the past few days, he has been using gel (sure, it may not seem like much to you, but believe me, this is truly an event!). But wait, there’s more! He’s even been referring to it as “product”, just like the Fab 5! The following is an excerpt from a conversation which took place yesterday:
Kev: “Honey, feel my hair!”
Me: “Wow! What did you do?”
Kev: “I used product!!!”
Thank you, Fab 5. You’ve changed my life.
Oh, yeah. Boy Meets Boy also premiers tonight. Can’t wait! Yay, Bravo!

8 Responses to “So Happy It’s Tuesday”

  1. Kevin Says:

    You *so* are not going to NYC!!!!!!!! 🙂

    And, for the record, I am *not* watching that Boy dating show. I’ve already picked up too many tips from the Queer Eye!

  2. merrin Says:

    Hey, I was just getting you back for the “woman’s place” comment. People think you’re sooooo nice all the time, but come on, I know you! 😉

  3. Camille Says:

    Hairspray?! OMG. Thank goodness for Queer Eye.

  4. Aurora Says:

    Missed “Queer” the first showing, leaving to go watch it now…. it is a cool show, but with the kiddo in the house we are skipping the “Boy meets Boy” show….

    Can’t wait to see the kitchen pics… 🙂

  5. Peppermint Tina*:) Says:

    Kevin? Product? Oy!

  6. kim Says:

    That’s my favorite show right now. I’m learning stuff, too. Like how to rub the gel between my hands so it will “emulsify!” LOL!

    This isn’t a true quote because my memory sucks, but…

    Kyan: “Call me old fashioned, but I like shampoo that’s shampoo and conditioner that’s conditioner.”

    Jai: “Old fashioned.”


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