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We regret to inform you that Kevin will be unable to blog (okay, maybe he’ll blog a little) over the next few days, as he is now engrossed in Harry Potter. Well, he’d better be engrossed in Harry Potter, since I have now finished the book, and nobody else I know is even half-way through. I’m desperate to talk about it with somebody! C’mon, I know that at least some of you have read a book so good that it’s all you can think about for a few days! If you haven’t read these books, under what rock have you been living? Sure, I know one or two people who don’t get it; quite frankly, neither did I, at least until the third one. But now I’m hooked. Watch out, Gandalf. We sold (as a company) an average of 80 copies per second on Friday night/Saturday morning. This should give you some indication of Harry’s popularity.
And by the way: Anything that gets kids reading is an amazing thing, and should not be taken lightly. On the same note: Anything that gets my husband reading must be truly magical….

3 Responses to “Awwwww…..”

  1. Camille Says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot believe you’re through reading that huge book! I haven’t read the HP books, but I’m thinking I should. I’ve only seen the movies. I do LOVE how all those kids were so excited about getting the book. My nephew reads the HP books, and I love that he loves to read.

  2. LoneAggie Says:

    I got hooked on Prey that way by Crichton.

  3. merrin Says:

    Oh, Camille! You have to read them! The movies don’t do the story justice.




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