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Good Morning!

And in case I don’t see you, Good Afternoon Good Evening and Good Night!
It’s 5:00 AM, and poor Kevin has now been awakened by yours truly, and the hound from hell. I have been up all night coughing, and just as I was about to fall asleep, Abby decided to start panting. A lot. A whole lot. So I get up to let her out, and no sooner am I about to drift off to dreamland then she starts up again. What follows is a 20 minute ordeal to get her un-stuck from under the bed. By this time, it is storming pretty badly and it is 4:50 in the AM. So now we’re both up. I guess this just means we’ll take a long nap later.

One Response to “Good Morning!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Granted it’s just a few minutes past 6:00a on a Sunday (grr!), but my favorite line of the day goes like this:

    Wife: “Well, I guess we’re up.”
    Husband: “Yep.”

    Ten minutes later, said wife is MIA. Yep, she’s back in bed. 🙂

    Sweet dreams, my sweet. 🙂

    PS – Yep, I’m saying “yep” a lot. Cut me some slack – it’s 6am on a Sunday! OK? Yep. Exactly.




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