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This Is A Public Service Announcement

There has been quite a bit of discussion in our house over this. I wouldn’t believe it except that Kevin is really a bit miffed, and now he follows me outside. Which leads to my second theory (the first being that it never happened, but we just shot that down): These guys are f-ing blind. Or extrememly near-sighted. Allow me to present Exhibit A. Not enough proof that said incident never ocurred, or that N1 & N2 are blind as bats? Check out Exhibit B. Definitely not my best moment. Certainly, this should dispel any rumor that I keep all the he-bitches in my man-stable locked in my spare bedroom. Besides, I think they were looking at my mom.

3 Responses to “This Is A Public Service Announcement”

  1. Camille Says:

    How cute is that – Kevin is following you outside. Does it creep you out that these guys could be watching you every time you go outside? Or is it more of an innocent thing – guys checking out cute girl and just being guys about it when they think cute girl’s husband isn’t around to hear?

  2. Kevin Says:

    I’d say it’s the latter. Just to be sure, I’ll use the telescope to check things out next door. (BAWAHAHAHA!)

  3. She Says:

    It isn’t your fault that you’re a cutie, Merrin…Kevin should be proud, and keep his baseball bat handy.




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