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My Thoughts For Today

I’m tired. I did not get home from work (the second time) until 11:00, and then I was up at 5:00. Being a grown-up sucks. Hard. I did, however, get to explore the beauty and joy of the “focus group”, which I will not detail until we get the whole “restricted post” thing working. Suffice it to say, they’re fun.
Next, and please bear in mind that I’m in a stream of consciousness kinda mood today, I really really hate the “Burrito Lady” song. You know the one: the radio ad for Chipotle. Now, I won’t even eat at Chipotle. Don’t get me wrong: I love Mexican food, and I’m always up for a burrito. Chipotle, however, is owned and operated by none other than the evil McDonald’s corp, and while I only have a paltry few soapboxes/causes (I won’t eat Domino’s either, but not for the same reasons), this is one of them. Read Fast Food Nation, or at the very least, this article, and you’ll understand. Oh, in case you’re wondering, you won’t get any links from me, Big Bad Evil McDonald’s Corporation!
Speaking of the illustrious Eric Schlosser, his new book (Reefer Madness) came out today, and I devoured half of it on my lunch break. This time, he’s tackling pot, porn, and underground (Black Market) labor practices. Just like his previous book, it’s disturbing without being alarmist. I can’t wait for his next one, which is supposedly a candid look at America’s prison system.
That’s it for today. I promise promise promise to spend some time gathering thoughts and stories from Nora (and yes, there will be pictures, just as soon as Kevin stops cussing at Movable Type).

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