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One More Thing

I do believe that I will be moving toward restricting certain posts in the near future. This comes as a very good news and a great relief, as I really did not want to mess with a whole different blog. Yeah, yeah yeah. I know it’ll be a pain, but I won’t restrict too much or too often, just when I really need to vent a little. Whatcha think?

2 Responses to “One More Thing”

  1. Aurora Says:

    By restricting a post does that mean no one, as in none of us, get to see it? hmmmmmm… Well, hon whatever works for you tickles me pink or red or any other color that you fancy.

    Maybe you could just email the venting rants to those that love you…? or something…

    But I do understand alot of bloggers I read have been having the same thoughts… I have always admired you and the others that use your real names… me, I still have a venting blog and I am anonymoose to an extent as Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. Do what you need to, hon.

  2. Kevin Says:

    I think Merrin will be giving her regular users access to any “restricted posts”. I think she’s just concerned about people who may be too closely associated with things.

    For example, I don’t talk about my…let’s say dentist…because my…dentist & people at the dentist office…read my blog. Maybe Merrin has a similar situation with her…dentist.

    Since you’re not her dentist & don’t work at the dentist office, I presume you’d get clearance. 🙂




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