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Which One?

Our paint choices are Cranberry Zing or Caraway. While Kevin says, and I quote, “The Cranberry is nice, if you’re a hooker”, I maintain that the Caraway (really boring sage green) is flat and dull. We’ve got stripes of both up on the wall; now all we have to do is decide!
In other news, we had 2 movie choices tonight: Jackass and Four Feathers. Let’s see: Heath Ledger (yum!) or a bunch of complete idiots (no offense to Vicki, who I understand is related to one of them) who let baby crocodiles chomp on their nipples. You guessed it: Jackass it is. This is the last time I let Kev pick for a while.

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    Crazy Mad Skillz!

    Be warned, appliances and other household mo-fo’s: I got the crazy mad husbandry skillz! What a Saturday! First there was




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